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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Prep ~ No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Happy October!  I may be a little over zealous, but I hate leaving things to the last family is officially ready for Halloween on October 1st!  Crazy right?!  But feels so good!

So my darling little 4 are dressing up as the Ninja Turtles, and their parents will be sporting correspondingly appropriate costumes.  The stores were full of Ninja Turtle costumes for little boys, which was handy, but for my special little Polly girl, who needed a few more frills and ruffles, we had to go custom.  Here's what we came up with...

Lookin' good Raphael!

And here's the tutorial for her tutu, which cost me $2 {not including the elastic which I had already}, as opposed to the $15 one I saw at the if your little lady requires a tutu for her costume, I strongly recommend making your own.  It was seriously a breeze, plus you get to feel so proud of yourself once you're done ;)

So you will need: 

~3 meters of tulle in your desired colour
~1 piece of waistband elastic cut to your desired waist length.
~measuring tape

Cut your tulle into 6" strips {I left mine folded in half lengthwise how it came off the bolt for quicker cutting}.  Cut each strip in half lengthwise.  This should give you a whole bunch of strips that are approximately 6" x 28" depending on the width of the bolt.

Tie or sew {I know I said no-sew, but I cheated} together the ends of your waistband elastic to form a loop.  You can also use a length of ribbon to tie around your child's waist if you prefer.  There are several ways you can do this, it's just personal preference.

 Fold each length of fabric in half and loop around waistband elastic, as shown above.  Tighten loosely {I slipped my thumb under the knot as I tightened, which I found was helpful at keeping all the knots evenly tightened}.

Repeat with each length of fabric until you run out of tulle, or until you reach your desired fullness!

And tada!  You made a tutu, and your little girl is so happy!  Doesn't it feel great!?!  And nobody has to know it was so ridiculously fast and easy!

Good luck readying for your own Halloween fun!

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