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polka dot

polka dot

Friday, October 24, 2014


Well with this new little pup in our lives, I officially feel like a mother of 5!  Life has felt so busy lately, it's been crazy!  I never thought I was one of those people who thrived in the midst of chaos, but I'm LOVING it!  I think it's because, although every minute of my time is being used {and I really do mean EVERY minute}, it's being used effectively {so far...knock on wood I can keep it up} and my priorities are in order.  The only downfall is that I have never fallen asleep knitting so often in my life!  By the time I get the kids to bed at night  at the end of every crazy day and am ready to crack down and knit for a while, I fall fast asleep on the couch within the first few's been brutal.  Anyways, here and there I've been able to get a couple of product photo-shoots under my belt for my upcoming Polly Headband.  My wonderful friend Marj and I had a little dog park date the other day and she was gracious enough to snap a couple pics for me while we were at it {love multi-tasking}...

Even more exciting is the photo-shoot I got to do yesterday, with little Kassady, who is sporting the 6 month size Polly Headband!  Isn't she the most adorable little thing you've ever seen!!!  I can't even handle her cuteness!  Thanks for being such a happy little sport Kassady!  She was so fun to photograph and has the sweetest head full of curls to feature this bitty little headband!

Now I just have a few little charts to sketch up before testing starts, and once testing is complete, this little pattern will be ready to launch!

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