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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I'm not sure exactly what time our kids woke us up this morning, but they usually wake up at 7am and need to be woken up even then.  This morning the time started with the digit 5, and I was unimpressed, but we invited all the kids up into our bed for some cuddles and made the best of it anyways.  You'd think it was Christmas morning or something, instead of Halloween.  I LOVE little kid excitement, I LOVE holidays, I LOVE parties, and any chance to dress up, or at least dress the kids up, I LOVE!  So they must get it from me...I get it from my Dad.  Excitement is a genetic thing I'm pretty sure...

So although we didn't get around to making our famous Milk Jug Skeleton this year {and my kids won't let me forget}, we have managed to do a couple of "Halloweeny" things in the last little while, among the hustle and bustle.  We attended the primary Halloween party at our church on the 17th, which was a blast, and on Monday night for Family Home Evening, we decorated pumpkins.  We opted out of carving them for two reasons:

1) I didn't want the mess, and...
2) I like to cook my pumpkins up after halloween so I have a stash of pumpkin puree to make yummy things out of.

{my good little helpers}

{our spooky pumpkins}

Polly was assigned to provide the treat this week for Family Home Evening, so her and I made pumpkin cookies from my favorite ever pumpkin cookie recipe while the older kids were at school.  Delicious as usual!

{our family home evening assignment board}
{yummy glaze...was good on our leftover scones from the other night too!}
Today I'm heading over to the kids school for all the fun festivities and taking with me three pumpkin themed veggies trays {one for each of my kids' classes}, complete with homemade dill dip.  Here's the recipe...

Dill Dip:
1/2 c. sour cream
1 T. sugar
2 T. vinegar
1 t. dill

{a little goodness for the belly on an otherwise treat-filled day}
I was informed by my soldier boy that next year he would like me to bring treats instead of veggies...{and here I thought I was such a fun Mom}!  

I'll keep that in mind Peter...

So this year for costumes we have...

{a soldier}

{Batman...who may or may not have decided to be a vampire at the last minute this morning,
which I didn't have time to get pictures of...}

{a bat...and don't try to tell her that her mask looks more like a bird because she'll have none of's a bat ok!}

{and last but not least...SUPERMAN...this costume totally cracks me up, because it's way too small, lol!}

So there you have it, we lived to see another Halloween!  Can't wait to go trick or treating tonight with these cute little spooks!

Happy Halloween everybody!!!