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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Casting back on...

So it has officially been far too long since I have released a knitting pattern and a little part of me is just slowly dying inside because of it.  I absolutely LOVE being a mommy and a wife, and those are definitely my top priorities, but it is so tough when you have to put aside something you are SO passionate about at times.  I am very glad that I took the time to enjoy my kids the past few years, because with only one left at home during the day, I am beginning to mourn their loss already!  It has been almost two precious years since we welcomed in our special little Reggie Boy, and there hasn't been a day that's gone by since that I haven't knelt down and thanked my Father in Heaven for such a perfect little blessing in my life.

Reggie ~ just seconds after birth
Reggie ~ 21 months
He has been my little angel, he is exactly what I need in my life, and I feel so lucky to have been entrusted with him.  My heart just feels like it is overflowing when I think of the many ways he has been the perfect addition to our family.  And although I have longed for it at times, I don't regret for one minute setting aside my knitting for a while to be a full-time mom, because there are so many simple moments that would have slipped by without me, so many precious experiences that I would have been too preoccupied to enjoy.  Having said that, I am so so ready to be casting back on!  Polly is off to school this year 2 days a week {pic of her first day below}, and Reggie is so independent and secure that I'm feeling totally at peace with the decision to pick up my needles again {YAY!!!}

Polly ~ first day of school 2014
So...I have been working on a headband that for whatever reason I am exceptionally fond of, and out of my piles of projects and ideas, this is the one that I haven't been able to shake these past two years, so it is the first one I am coming back to now.  I would love to know if anyone has any inspired names for this pattern, but I'm thinking it might end up being the "Polly Headband", after my cutie patootie. Up until now it has been known as my "Asymmetrical Flower Headband", which just doesn't have the same ring to it!  I'm thinking the pattern will most likely include 7 sizes, ranging from sizes 6 months - adult.

Here is one of the headbands I have finished so far...unfortunately I was a little eager to get some pictures out for you guys, so Polly {who is 4 and a half} is actually modelling the 6 months size {oh dear}, and so you can see that the buttonhole is pulling.  I didn't even bother taking pictures of the back because of how small it is on her, but the back is my favourite part, as the headband twists as it wraps around the back of the head quite elegantly {if I do say so myself}.  I do have a little model that will be coming by in a few weeks to model the 6 month size properly, so stay tuned for some darling pictures of little "K"!

If you are interested in test-knitting this pattern when the time comes, please leave a comment in my Ravelry Thread or on this post with your Ravelry username!

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