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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Cow Princess

My little Cow Princess came downstairs today wearing two tutus, her princess bride dress, her cow coat and cow baby legs, a crown, her Sherpa Boots on her feet, and her Princess Belle shoes for her hands so she could walk on all fours. Jordan and I were busting a gut because we could tell she felt so beautiful! And she truly is!  What a cutie!

After she was finished having her snack in her beautiful outfit, I went to go work on some things in the living room.  A little while later I encountered the above scene.  So as I was taking these top three pictures, this was our conversation:

Mom: What are you doing sweetie?

Cow Princess: (Labored breathing as she tries to open the door) I'm going outside with no shoes on to get my purple sunglasses from inside the van.
{Let me just quickly remind you here about the snow storm we had on Friday, so it is definitely not bare-foot weather out there}.

Mom: Ya? You weren't going to tell me? You think you can do it?

Cow Princess: My big brothers always do that. But mom (exasperated now from her efforts), can you put on your shoes and coat too and come with me? 

And so I did...

Once she got her sunglasses, she proceeded to pack a grocery bag with her Toddler Loafers, her baby cow pillow pet and books from the book shelf. Jordan asked her where she was off to and she said she was going out to the farm to live now.

Days like this make me smile, and I am so happy that I am blessed to be a mother :)

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