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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reggie Adam Michel

I'm excited to announce the birth of our new little baby boy, Reggie Adam Michel.  We're so excited to have him as an addition to the family!  His older siblings are thrilled to have him around, and he's getting a whole lot of love and cuddles around our house.  Reggie was born on December 9th in a birthing pool in our living room.  It was an incredible experience and one that we will always cherish.  This was my first time doing a home birth, and I had an amazing team of midwives and a wonderful labour support person in my chiropractor/acupuncturist Heather.  And of course, my amazing husband, as always, was my rock through the whole thing.  Here are some pictures of the experience:

Reggie Adam Michel
9lbs 1oz
21.5" long
Born @ 4:45pm

First loves!

Dad was able to catch the baby and be the first to officially hold him.  He gave him right to me, and it was perfect!

The older kids were not there for the actual labour and birth, but were able to meet Reggie just minutes after he was born, just in time to watch Dad cut the umbelical cord.  My Mom had been watching them upstairs until we gave her the cue to bring them down.

Reggie went skin to skin with Dad for a while so that I could get out of the pool.  He also had a chance to meet his two big brothers, his big sister and his Grandma.

Meeting his two big brothers and his big sister.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  Having a new baby in our home is so wonderful.  It's like having a little taste of heaven around you all the time.  We leave tomorrow morning to fly "home" for Christmas, where he'll have 3 more Grandparents, 4 Great-Grandparents, 20 aunts and uncles, and 30 cousins waiting to meet him.  I'm thinking this boy will not be short on love!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. I Love these pictures. What a great experience it was.