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Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Baaack!

Well, I know that a LOT of time has passed since my last post, and that is because a LOT has been happening.  My family has moved out of the big city and across the country to Thunder Bay, Ontario!  I know right?  It's a big change for me too!  Another exciting development is that my husband and I are expecting baby #4 this December!!!  We are thrilled!  Turns out we are having yet another boy, so my dearest Polly will remain sister-less for the time being.

The most exciting development for Pick n' Knit Patterns however (and the real reason for my post) is that I am pleased to announce that we are officially launching a wholesale division.  This means that if you own or operate a yarn store, you are now officially welcome to order and stock my patterns.  Yay! As I have had several requests for my patterns, I have decided to make the big move, and I am so excited about it.  I am happy to say that the stores that currently carry our patterns have had great success with them and that it has been the beginning of some wonderful partnerships.  Below is Pick n' Knit Patterns official 2012 Catalogue for wholesale orders.  Also, please note the "Wholesale" tab that has been added to the top of the main page.  This page is dedicated to yarn stores interested in ordering wholesale, and will explain a little more about this process.  Thank you and happy browsing!

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