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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Resolutions

It has officially been one year since I started up Pick n' Knit Patterns.  Just 3 days ago (January 6th) was the anniversary of my first pattern sale!  Knitwear Design has been so rewarding and exciting and I am loving it!  

With the coming of a new calendar year, as well as a new business year, come my New Years Resolutions.  I've set some goals for different aspects of my life.  I have new goals as a wife, mother, individual, and as a business owner.  I am excited for my new goals to expand Pick n' Knit Patterns as well as my designs.  

As the inspiration and direction for my resolutions, I'd like to credit the following article:

Living the Abundant Life

It gave me some new direction and a great outlook that I hope to carry with me this year.  It's a basic ABC guide to goal setting.

Having a Positive Attitude
Believe in Yourself
Face Challenges with Courage

I hope you can take from it and set your own goals this year!
Thanks to everyone for all your support in making Pick n' Knit Patterns possible!

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