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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Fun!

 Yesterday we went on a little family outing to the outlet mall, and came back with some cute little Easter / Spring digs for Polly, so this morning we did a little fashion show.  She is such a girl!  If you tell her something's pretty, she'll leave it on.  She just loves her new sunglasses!

Now you see her...

Now you don't!

This afternoon we decorated eggs, then the boys went for a walk with Dad, while I orchestrated a treasure hunt.

 They came home to bunny footprints leading into the house, and found an alphabet cipher along with their first clue at the end of the footprints...

Trying to figure out the next clue...

And when we came in from finding treasure in the mailbox, look what we found our other little treasure getting into....what a stinker!

Head to toe sticky mess!!!

So she ended up in this...I guess the fashion show's over!

The hunt eventually led them to Polly's crib, and they were so excited to find their baskets!

So fun!  What a special blessing it is to be a Mom!  I think Easter is funner for me now than it's ever been.  Kids just give every holiday a little extra excitement!

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