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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My other passtime...

Although I love to design my knitting patterns for my picknknit Etsy shop, I also have a passion for writing and language.  One geeky fact about me is that I haven't missed one day writing in my journal since March 5th, 1998.  I have piles of totes full of journals that my husband groans about every time we move, because he hates to lift them.  I love language, I speak both French and English, and I love to write children's stories.  My most recent story is called Rumbling Tummies, about three chicks who search the farmyard high and low to find something yummy to eat.  They finally come to realize that perhaps what seems foreign and enticing may not be all it's cracked up to be, and stop taking for granted what was in front of their noses the whole time.  The characters are actually my own children, which makes this their favorite bedtime story.  Here's a little sneak peak at their story, along with some of my rough sketches...

Peter, Plum and Polly who were hungry for a snack,            
Went to search the farmyard and bring something back.

The first stop was the pond where they met a green frog,
Who was looking rather fond of his lunch on a log.

“Excuse me Mr. Frog,” asked Polly “but what are you having for lunch?”
“Only my favorite food,” he replied “toasted flies with a crunch.”

Peter said, “I could never eat a fly!”
Plum simply said “Me oh my!”
And Polly said, “We must say Goodbye”

I'm in the process of getting this book ready for sale, and I am now working on a Historical Fiction Novel about my Grandpa, who at one time held the Canadian Record for the Pole Vault and was captain of the Canadian Olympic Team, until he fell off a high diving board and broke his back.  It's a dramatic love story about two people who are very dear to me, and who happen to have a very interesting life...the perfect combo.

Anyway, there's a little something else about me.  Hope it was riveting ;)


  1. Okay you are way too talented! The distribution of talents is so uneven... you have tons and I have none. I've decided that people who are untalented like myself just need to hang out with people like you and hopefully learn a little something along the way.

  2. Seriously that was SUCH a cute story. You are so talented!