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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Priorities, priorities.....

I'm tellin' ya, I truly do love to knit, especially when I'm designing my own patterns. It's so fulfilling to create something from nothing.  Another one of my passions is felting, because you can transform whatever it is all over again.

I was reflecting the other day about the things that I'm most passionate about, and I would have to say that family and felting definitely are up at the top of my list.  The problem I've found is that both are time consuming.  Especially during the Christmas season, I think I had about 3 weeks straight where I wasn't in bed until after 1am (and that was early), because I had so many knitted gifts I wanted to get ready.

Here's what I've learned...

1. Make sure you're not losing sight of what's most important.

2. Take time for your loved ones and enjoy the simple moments life brings us.

Because I have three children, I find my knitting often interferes with time I could be spending with them (even though I do try to do a lot of it after bedtime).  When life in all it's craziness was at it's peak for me this holiday season, my 5 year old son came up to me (knitting needles in my hands) and said, "Mom, why are you always knitting things?"  I responded, "Because I like to knit.  Don't you like the things I knit?"  He thought about that for a moment and said "Ya, I do, but it takes you a long time to get me food".  I must say I was a little heartbroken, and so my New Years Resolution is this:  Sometimes I can't put life on hold to knit, but I can always put knitting on hold to enjoy life.  I love my family and my children so much, and want them to know that they come before any project I'm working on.

That being said.....I'm still finding plenty of time to pump out the patterns, I just had to do a bit of priority shuffling!

what an insightful son.....

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